Beyond Lucid Technologies

MEDIVIEW Installation Instructions

1. Set the system clock to the current time.
As part of our strong security protocol, our server will reject secure connections from machines which are not synchronized with real-world time. On Windows 7 and 8, to synchronize the system time, right click on the clock display and select Adjust date/time. One the screen that comes up, go to the Internet Time tab, press the Change Settings button and on the next screen press the Update Now button. If an error occurs, select a different server from the dropdown list and try again.

2. For Windows 7 and below ONLY:
Install Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 which is available on Microsoft web site. This is a web installer and will automatically install only the software components required for your computer. After installing, run Windows Updates and install all ".NET Framework 4" updates including optional updates. A reboot may be required. NOTE: This step does not apply to computers running Windows 8 and higher.

3. Download the MediView.Mobile installation package from the MEDIVIEW™ server.
This is a web installer which will download and install all the necessary MediView.Mobile components. A prompt may appear requesting administrator access to install the software. If so, please grant administrator access to continue the installation. ***Click Here to Download MediView***

4. Download Geo-Maps file from the MEDIVIEW™ server.
This is a very large file, and may take a long time (up to several hours) to download depending on your connection speed. To implement the GPS maps on multiple computers, we recommend saving the large file to a USB drive then copying it to each device. This link will be provided upon subscription to MEDIVIEW MOBILE with GPS. Save the file to the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Beyond Lucid Technologies

5. Complete the registration process below: MEDIVIEW™ Registration
1. Run the Registration Utility shortcut from the Start Menu.
2. Provide a name for the license in the appropriate box (the computer name is the default setting, but you can change this), then check the box to accept the license terms.
3. Check the box to accept the license terms, enter the license key in the box provided and click Register.
**Your license key is: TO BE PROVIDED. This license key is good for __ installations, and it expires on ____**
4. After the download finishes, MEDIVIEW™ will be ready to use.

6. Please label the computer, with the same unique name as Step 5 above.
Labeling the computer makes it much easier to locate the correct computer if and when a support issue arises.

7. Please change passwords.
MEDIVIEW™ includes multiple security tools, including encryption of all data, to keep your information safe. In light of high-profile data access incidents in the news, however, we are asking all partner-client agencies to require that their crews adopt STRONG passwords to access MEDIVIEW™ (if they have not done so already). Strong passwords include all of the following: at least one capital letter, at least one lowercase letter, at least one number, and at least one symbol. New users will be required to adopt strong passwords. Existing users can change their passwords by logging into MEDIVIEW™ HUB and clicking the “Change Password” link in the upper right corner.

8. Optional, install TeamViewer.
We do much of our support through TeamViewer, as long as your IT policies allow for it. If the software is already installed when support is needed, we can address the issues that much more quickly. In general, TeamViewer will always work if surfing on the Internet is possible. Hence, no firewall configuration is required. As an alternative to port 80 HTTP, port 443 HTTPs is also being checked. In addition, it is also possible to open only port 5938 TCP on the outgoing side (required for mobile connections). Data traffic should then be able to pass through on this port without any problems.p>

- TeamViewer Instructions.
Please use an administrator account to log into Windows, and plug in the computer. Go to and click on "Join Remote Control Session" to download TeamViewerQS_en.exe TeamViewer – Access your computer remotely and share your desktop with friends – it’s free for personal use! Remote Control any computer within seconds as if you were sitting right in front of it and conduct online meetings and presentations easily over the internet. Find out why TeamViewer has been activated on more than a billion devices.

NOTICE: September 17, 2018

Firefox recently pushed out an auto-update that changed the way our system works in its browser. In Jonathon's experience so far, this new version of Firefox (v60) is less stable than the last major release (v52), so he doesn't personally recommend it anyway.

We have therefore put together instructions below that will (a) return Firefox to a version in which HUB and BEACON work just fine; (b) use a new variant of Firefox in which HUB and BEACON also work great; or (c) switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer (NOT Edge), which is already included with Windows 10, because nothing has changed there.

For your convenience, we've posted the instructions below, with a brief video explaining your three simplest options:

  • Use Internet Explorer on your computer (not Microsoft Edge), and you'll be able to load without an issue
  • Install Firefox with the Extended Support Package (version 52, for 64-bit or 32-bit computers); or
  • If necessary, downgrade Firefox from version 60 to version 52, as shown in the video linked HOW-TO VIDEO WALK-THROUGH OF FIREFOX version 52 RESTORE; or

We're working to get better at posting instructions and videos where you can easily review and share them. If you have any trouble, we're always here to help.