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MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposure Tracking

Over five days in March 2020, Beyond Lucid Technologies deployed a unique version of the MEDIVIEW TRIPS longitudinal (over time) documentation platform with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. (It wasn't our idea, though I wish it had been.) That credit goes to Cypress Creek EMS in Spring, Texas. This rapid-fire deployment was an ideal case of private-public partnership to help take care of the medical professionals on the front line, and of real-time innovation for the betterment of both sworn crew AND civilian staff. It was an honor to work alongside both teams..

The rollout of MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Crew Exposure Tracking continues across the United States. No application like it exists in the marketplace today: it is a lightweight, rapidly deployable inversion of CP/MIH charting software, turned inward to track crew and staff health over time for self-monitoring, active observation, and even quarantine through hospitalization and return to work.

In the words of Terrence J. McGregor, NRP, LP, NCEE, Central Region EMS Program Head and Clinical Director of the EMS Bureau of the Los Angeles County Fire Department: "Given the significant threat we face on the front lines of this health crisis, the rapid deployment, ease-of-use and comprehensiveness of Mediview TRIPS has given the Los Angeles County Fire Department the tools needed to protect and care for our personnel.

We couldn't be prouder and will not let financial constraints get in the way of agencies obtaining the tools they need to keep their personnel safe at this critical moment. Beyond Lucid Technologies can help, no matter what ePCR you use, what state you're in, or how much you can afford. Schedule a conversation with our CEO to discuss your needs:

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