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MEDIVIEW TRIPS for COVID-19 Exposure Tracking

FROM A TEAM BACKED BY CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, with over a decade track record innovating for Fire and Emergency Medical Services, MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS for COVID-19 Exposure Tracking meets the needs America’s progressive public health and safety agencies. The software is already deployed in Texas, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Connecticut.* When infections spiked around Houston, one EMS Chief wrote: “I am not sure which way is up most days and this is super helpful. The screening system is working great and we have way too many to track any other way.” (*As of July 2020)


  • MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS for COVID-19 EXPOSURE TRACKING is a contact tracing program built on software that Fire & EMS agencies now use across 27 U.S. states to share information in real-time and over time. It was inspired by an agency that was engaged in a managed care program for high-risk members of its community, and the department inverted the technology onto its own team members to care for them over an extended period, given the need to track symptoms of possible COVID-19 infections.

  • •     The importance of syndromic surveillance is often emphasized by the CDC and the National institutes of Health. MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS for COVID-19 EXPOSURE TRACKING includes a secure cloud-based portal that lets hospitals and public health quickly update infection status for every person being monitored.

  • •     All that organizations need to begin using MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS for COVID-19 EXPOSURE TRACKING is a personnel or student roster. No equipment to buy or software to install! The roster is synchronized to a secure database that track symptoms, medications and other details over time, for a real-time view of how everyone is feeling, who needs further attention (or to be sent home) and who is getting better.

  • •     Symptoms tracked on a form that takes just about 30 seconds to complete include temperature, pain, cough, loss of taste or smell, and more, including medications. These are processed by an algorithm that offers a recommendation of whether the individual should be considered “likely to test positive.” This is not the same as testing positive: like a pregnancy test, MEDIVIEW™ provides an indicator value for triage of testing priority, especially where tests are in short supply. The algorithm has been successful in real-world scenarios since March 2020, including in two of the country’s largest counties, with a false positive rate of ZERO PERCENT at Los Angeles County Fire after 15,000+ forms submitted. The algorithm is governed by the Los Angeles County Fire’s Medical Director’s Office (UCLA, USC Keck).

In the words of Terrence J. McGregor, NRP, LP, NCEE, Central Region EMS Program Head and Clinical Director of the EMS Bureau of the Los Angeles County Fire Department: "Given the significant threat we face on the front lines of this health crisis, the rapid deployment, ease-of-use and comprehensiveness of MEDIVIEW™ TRIPS has given the Los Angeles County Fire Department the tools needed to protect and care for our personnel.” No application like it exists in the marketplace today, so Beyond Lucid Technologies is proud help keep your team safe, no matter what existing software systems you use, what state you are in, or how much you can afford. Schedule a conversation with our CEO to discuss your needs:

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