Beyond Lucid Technologies

MediView TRIO

ONLY MEDIVIEW empowers tracking of both chronic and acute (e.g., addicted) care patients from the same platform as the 9-1-1 calls. Thanks to generous funding from the California Health Care Foundation, it was the first longitudinal charting to leverage the analytical rigor of an underlying NEMSIS v3 ePCR. Because splitting emergent and nonemergent data leads to "orphan data" and can lead to patients getting lost in the regional healthcare ecosystem. T.R.I.O. is a variant of the MEDIVIEW TRIPS platform, and stands for Tracking Readmissions, Interventions, and Opiates. It naturally consists of three components:

1. Scheduled Encounters

2. Longitudinal Charting

3. Real-time sharing with hospitals. Because unlike CP/MIH patients, addicted and acute-care patients are expected to wind up under the medical direction of a hospital or clinic. for example, to prevent overdose.

One MEDIVIEW T.R.I.O. program perfectly summarized the platform's objectives: "Beyond Lucid Technologies will provide MEDIVIEW BEACON and T.R.I.O. The combined products will facilitate Opioid Use Disorder patient interaction tracking for use by public safety, interoperability with hospital records, and evidence-based model intervention tracking for response teams, public safety home visits, and incident responses.